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Hi there,

My name is Rogier Kahlmann and I am the Co-lead designer and author of TimeQuest, the first real ‘outdoor videogame’.

In the following months until release we will be updating this blog regularly with new screenshots, video material and all sorts of stuff about TimeQuest.

We started this blog for several reasons. To keep you informed, and to give ourselfves the opportunity keep track of a project that is both unique and intimidatingly complex. TimeQuest is a game that you play outdoors, but plays out entirely on-screen like a traditional adventure videogame.

While coming up with the idea  of a GPS-tracking avatar through a virtual fantasy-version of a real place (you see we had a hard time explaining the thing), I was a little naïve about the realistic possibilities of the concept. Luckily the gifted Erwin here at Grendel dug deep into the subject, locked himself up for several days and -if it were nothing, he presented us a working proof-of-concept at the end of the same week.

Most importantly; as we walked through this portion of a virtual (and therefore real) road we were captivated by the effect it had on us. And our minds suddenly worked overtime because of all the gameplay-opportunities that arose out of that simple stroll.

And so, strengthened by these findings, we are now hard at work on what we think is an adventure-videogame unlike any other. Below is one of our first video’s showing of our tech. Keep in mind that the art shown in this video does not represent final product, but that of course goes for almost anything posted on this blog until release ;)

So proudly we present to you a short video that shows off our fundamental premise. Hope you enjoy it and get as excited about it as we are.